TOPZ dog food slow feed lick tray
TOPZ dog food slow feed lick tray
TOPZ dog food slow feed lick tray

Slow Feed Lick Tray for Dogs Grey | Reduce Eating Speed & Promote Health

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Slow Feed Lick Tray

Discover our innovative Slow Feed Lick Tray, designed to slow down your dog's eating pace while providing mental stimulation and promoting overall well-being. Crafted with durable materials, our lick tray encourages natural licking behavior, preventing gulping and aiding in digestion.

With carefully engineered patterns and ridges, this lick tray extends mealtime enjoyment, preventing boredom and reducing the risk of bloating or obesity. Ideal for all breeds and sizes, our tray is easy to clean and comes with a sticky bottom to ensure cleanliness for busy pet parents.

Slow feeding is crucial for your dog's health, and our lick tray offers a practical solution. Invest in your pet's wellness with our Slow Feed Lick Tray today and witness the benefits of controlled feeding habits firsthand.

Broths: Add 30ml to 50ml to kibble, raw, or water.

Toppers: Depending on pet size, Add 15g to 60g to kibble.

One jar should be good for 7-10 meal toppings.

Up to 2 years from production (follow specific expiration on product).

7-12 days once open if kept in the fridge.

Refrigerate after opening.

Can also be frozen after opening.

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My puppy Joker was all over me as soon as I opened the box. He loved the taste and texture. Packaging made it very easy to use, and easy to slide inside his Kong. I definitely recommend this brand to
anyone looking for a natural based healthy food.

Doberman loves TOPZ dog food premium toppers and treats

« De vrais, gros morceaux de poulet à ajouter sur les croquettes. Mes
deux chiens en ont raffolé. Fraicheur et excellente qualité qui se décèlent par l’odeur d’un poulet cuisiné maison émanant de chaque morceau. L’heure du repas
de mes chiens est désormais simple et délicieuse »

Topz dog food premium toppers and treats chicken topper meal testimonial

Maki a adoré,
même juste avec le bouillon. Et elle a tout mangé avec 8-9 morceaux ajoutés.
Elle se lichait les babines. Et elle en a eu pour plusieurs repas avec chaque contenant.

Maki the husky loves Topz dog food premium toppers and treats

Ace loves TOPZ! As soon as we open it he runs as he can smell the delicious ingredients that make him so happy to eat it! There is nothing left in his bowl! Thank you for making such a healthy and delicious food for our best friend!

ACELALLI loves TOPZ testimonials beef topper for kibble 100% natural