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The first no-preservative, shelf-stable, in a truly reusable container, wet food, convenient topper with human grade proteins that will have your dog in a frenzy!

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Don't be a chicken!

What makes TOPZ Dog Food so special?

Well, it’s simple, and real. What you see is what you get! We have nothing to hide. TOPZ premium meal toppers and treats make your dog happy with every meal without having to change their diet. Simply add to their existing dry kibble meal and they will thank you for it. You can trust that we use top proteins, the same you find in human foods, not chicken meal or offal, which is what you may find in other dog foods.

And it's made in Canada!

Got beef?

We do!
Real Beef

We pride ourselves in having only top ingredients for your dog's food. That's why we keep the number of ingredients to a minimum and we add ZERO preservatives.

Real Chicken

We use the best chicken cuts such as thighs and breasts, so you and your dog can count on quality meats in our premium treats and meal toppers.

Topz dog food premium meal toppers and treats chicken bone broth cover topz dog food premium meal toppers and treats chicken bone broth for dry kibble


Chicken Broth

TOPZ uses simple, real ingredients

Premium meat, human grade, no junk.  
With the addition of our bone broth, our foods are a great source of collagen which is awesome for dog joints.

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Although this will depend on how much you feed your dog, you can expect to top up 8-10 meals for a small dog and 3-5 meals for a large dog.

Yes! You can keep TOPZ Dog Food in room temperature for up to 2 years from its production as long as the container has not been opened. Must be refrigerated after opening.

We recommend between 7 and 12 days.

We ship once a week on Thursdays. This applies for all orders including subscriptions.

All of TOPZ dog food is made in Montreal, Canada. We source from North American producers with a preference for Canadian producers where possible.

No. Meal toppers are not meant to replace meals. They are a great compliment to your dog's current diet, particularly if you are feeding him/her dry kibble.

You can add one or two table spoons of TOPZ Dog Food Topper and Treat to your dog's kibble. A good practice would be to slightly reduce your dog's current serving by the equivalent amount of protein.

TOPZ Dog Food Toppers and Treats are all packaged in 100% recyclable jar and cap. You may choose to put them for recycling or, reuse them yourself for other storing needs.