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TOPZ is inspired by transparency, simplicity, and innovation.


TOPZ Dog Food premium toppers and treats are all about offering the best for your dog. As we humans believe more and more in clean labels and healthy eating habits, our need for understanding what goes in our food and how it is processed is increasing. So why is it then, that our beloved dogs don’t benefit from the same? This is the reason for TOPZ Dog Food. TOPZ toppers and treats are transparent with their ingredients. What you see is what you get packaging provides confidence in what you are feeding your dog. With TOPZ Dog Food products, you undoubtedly (instantly) know what goes in the jar just by looking at it.  


Gone are the long labels with endless unpronounceable ingredients. We keep it simple. Why? TOPZ does not require any preservatives, which means more of the good stuff! Premium meats and bone broth is all we use. Guaranteed.  


Glass jars are not revolutionary. In fact, glass has been used for human food storage for thousands of years. More recently though, advanced cooking and sterilization techniques have made human food preservable and even shelf stable in glass jars. TOPZ has transferred these methods into the dog food space to allow for healthy and simple ingredients to be accessible to dogs as well. In addition, this technique allows for more practicality as it can be stored at room temperature before opening, and once opened can be resealed and stored in the fridge for multiple use. Lastly, TOPZ creators realized that this method provided one more benefit that was unintended, but highly appreciated by pet parents: a better smell. Thanks to its simple ingredients and absence of chemicals and offal, this dog food smells great contrary to most wet foods. So, you won’t shy from storing it next to your tomato sauce in your fridge once opened! 

 Proudly made in Canada

Canada flag Topz is made in Canada
We are a small team of pet-loving individuals that strive to bring you the best of pet food. The idea for TOPZ was born from a school project. When our research concluded that wet dog food and premium dog food was most commonly produced in unevolved, hard to recycle and impractical packaging, we began to ponder if there was an opportunity. The opportunity was to offer a clear and transparent premium food for dogs in a see-through container that could be easily resealed and reused. Armed with human food manufacturing expertise and with ecommerce experience, we teamed up and decided to create TOPZ in the real world for real dogs. 

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