Feeding your dog Kibble? Why Unprocessed Dog Foods Outshine Processed Diets and What You Need to Know!"

In the dynamic realm of pet nutrition, the quest for natural dog food without preservatives takes center stage. Discover why unprocessed proteins trump conventional kibble diets and how you can improve your dog's diet by incorporating natural broth, premium toppers and other natural ingredients.

In a groundbreaking study by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, unprocessed pet foods showcased unrivaled benefits. Frozen raw, freeze-dried raw, and fresh diets emerged triumphant, boasting higher amino acid digestibility and true metabolizable energy values than their processed counterparts. This research rings alarm bells for those relying on dry kibble!

Learn why natural dog food options without preservatives steal the spotlight, leaving processed diets in the dust. Discover the superior nutrition of natural broths and proteins, as well as premium toppers, challenging the status quo of pet nutrition.

This in-depth analysis uncovers how unprocessed, natural dog foods deliver top-tier nutrition. Delve into why these options, brimming with natural protein and devoid of preservatives, should be your furry friend's primary meal choice.

The study, published in the Journal of Animal Science, delved into comparing four distinct pet food formats: frozen raw, freeze-dried raw, fresh, natural, and extruded dog foods. Various diets from reputable brands were meticulously analyzed through precision-fed cecectomized and conventional rooster assays, providing valuable insights into their nutritional profiles.

Unprocessed diets, including frozen raw, freeze-dried raw, and fresh varieties, emerged as nutrition powerhouses, surpassing extruded diets in amino acid digestibility and true metabolizable energy values. Freeze-dried raw diets stood out, boasting the highest amino acid digestibility compared to their extruded counterparts, while frozen raw diets showcased unmatched true metabolizable energy values among the different formats.

 Dr. Kelly Swanson, an esteemed animal nutrition professor at the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, emphasized the critical role of assessing protein quality and digestibility for crafting diets that truly meet our pets' nutritional needs. The precision-fed cecectomized rooster assay employed in this study served as a valuable tool, enabling accurate comparisons of processing methods and ingredients.

 This research not only highlighted the significance of processing conditions in pet diet formulation but also acknowledged the impact of ingredient inclusion and macronutrient composition on nutritional outcomes.

 While the study underscores the potential benefits of non-processed dog foods, it also opens a gateway to enhancing conventional kibble diets. Natural toppers and broths present a promising opportunity to elevate a pet's standard kibble meal, offering additional natural proteins and wholesome ingredients to augment their nutritional intake.

 By leveraging the ethical and practical advantages of this research, pet owners and professionals in the industry can refine their approach to pet nutrition. The findings encourage the incorporation of natural toppers and broths to enrich a pet's diet, optimizing their overall health and well-being.

In conclusion, this study serves as a pivotal milestone in understanding the nutritional landscape of pet food, urging a more informed and holistic approach to pet nutrition. Consider the insights gleaned from this research to elevate your pet's diet beyond the conventional, unlocking the potential of natural toppers and broths to complement their kibble meals.

You can read the full research here